Hello and welcome to MyEfolio page! My name is Mike Rushford and I am orginally from Naples, Florida. I am a Senior at Holy Cross College studying History. I am also cross-enrolled in the Army ROTC program at the University of Notre Dame and currently hold the cadet rank of c/CPT. Being a part of the United States Army and a potential playmaker in it's future makes my educational path unlike many others. Myself being a History major, and future Army Officer, has taught me that it is my vocation to pass along to others information, but in a even better, and more detailed manner. I am extremely fortunate to have been given the amazing gifts of faith-based education at both Holy Cross College and Notre Dame. Within my life, I concentrate on a simple but important objective:

"Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory"

Perhaps best known from Gen. George Patton, I chose this specific quote as it depicts my life to the tee. I am one that always accepts challenges no matter the situation, because I know that when I complete that challenge the feeling of beating it will last forever. And as any good historian knows; history is written by the victors. My biggest fear in life is to look back on my past exploits and say to myself, "maybe I should have tried/attempted that?" Throughout this eFolio, there are examples of what has molded and changed me to reach to the point of who I am today. From the Four Pillars of the Holy Cross College Experience, to the academic and moral journey I have experienced in my collegiate career.